We help the best sanitizing companies shine.

From a frequently overlooked part of the economy, professional cleaning and disinfection services is now at the forefront in the fight against epidemic outbreaks. We are proud to be involved in the industry’s transformation by promoting the critically important role of the cleaning companies.

For most business and organizations traditional, janitorial services would no longer satisfy the elevated standards of public safety. Building managers need to learn more about the latest protocols, training, materials, and technologies used in environmental services to make educated decisions when hiring maintenance services. We help them connect with the best providers.


Partnering with Simply180 was one of the best decisions we’ve made for our business. Finding a company that has taken the time to understand a “behind the scenes” industry like commercial cleaning was certainly a challenge, but after speaking with the team at Simply180 and understanding their experience with companies similar to ours, we decided to dive in. About 60 days into the partnership we started getting flooded with opportunities that would have been missed had we not had the support of Simply180. Since then we have yet to have a month go by where our return has been less than our investment. Numbers aside, the team at Simply180 is excellent. They are thorough, helpful, easy to work with and just all-around good people. Highly recommend!

- Eric Franklin
- Eric Franklin EVP Principal


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