So many PPC agencies and PPC managers proclaim themselves experts. As a Google Partner that manages millions of dollars in PPC media, we get invited to audit a company’s PPC account. We often discover that many of these “experts” do not follow even the most basic of PPC best practices. And what’s even more disturbing is the amount of money wasted. This is why we created the 90-Day PPC Challenge.

We’ll put our team of certified pay-per-click strategists, analysts, copywriters, graphic designers and programmers against your PPC manager. If we are unable to improve your PPC results in 90-days, we’ll refund our media management fees in full. It’s that simple.

How the PPC Challenge Works

We will need full administrative access to your existing PPC campaigns. We’ll conduct an audit of your PPC campaign(s) and establish benchmarks to compare your past results against our campaign performance.

The 90-day time frame starts from the date we relaunch your campaign(s). You will receive a PPC campaign report each week over the 12-week period. These reports will be generated directly from Google AdWords, Facebook or Bing depending on which platforms we go head-to-head.

No Catch

Our full-service marketing and advertising agency prides itself on complete transparency with our clients. We do not want to misrepresent anything or hide behind fine print. We invite you to learn more about our 90-Day PPC Challenge and eligibility requirements.

We Challenge You to Challenge Us

We’re willing to put our media management fees on the line to lower your risk just to prove our team can produce better PPC results than your current PPC manager. The challenge applies to Google AdWords campaigns, Facebook advertising, or even Bing Ads. To see if your company meets our eligibility requirements, call us at 1.561.562.4925 for more information.

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