Sell Your Products on Instagram Stories With New Shopping Feature

Instagram is constantly finding new and creative ways to implement shopping features within the app. If you are familiar with Instagram, you may have seen a shopping bag icon while scrolling through your feed. This icon appears in a post. When you touch it, it links you to the item without leaving the app.

Instagram is now bringing the same shopping icon feature to Instagram Stories. This is great news for any size business that sells products online. This feature offers an easy and direct method for users to instantly buy products. Businesses will be able to tag items from inventory or e-commerce platforms. Since Instagram Stories are only posted for 24 hours, users understand the sense of urgency to take action. So 24-hour flash sales, exclusive Insta offers, or inventory clearance sales may be effective ways to generate online sales while growing your following on Insta.

If you’re looking for new and better ways to drive sales on social media platforms like Insta or Facebook, you should take advantage of these Instagram e-commerce features. And of course, please contact us if you want help marketing and selling your products on Insta or Facebook.

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