Why Creative Agencies Develop Breakout Strategies & Ideas

New technologies make everything easier – including some areas of marketing and advertising. As a result, companies are taking certain aspects of their marketing budgets in-house. Logical move to potentially lower costs and maintain brand controls. Well, the reality is a bit more complicated.

DIY marketing can work to some extent but it is usually discounting two important points: first, the quality of the creative product and second, a chance to use a third person perspective in problem solving.

In-house teams use standards-based thinking, which leads to a standard result. Experiments have been done on insects to see how restricted environments can condition their behavior over time. In the case of the fly in the jar, the fly becomes so used to the sealed lid on the jar, that even when opened, the fly remains in the jar … a learned behavior.

This brings us to our second point. In many cases in-house marketers are so deeply immersed in their business that they do not see a solution that might be obvious to an outside marketing strategist or creative director. That’s why we like to collaborate with our clients. We become part of the team by helping them face challenges they may not see, and work together to find solutions in new and sometimes better ways.

In general, sound strategy and great ideas never go out of style regardless of innovation and automation. Working with a creative marketing and advertising agency can inspire and help brands develop that breakout idea that they want but just can’t get there on their own.

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