From a Backside 180 to Simply180

He was a sponsored skateboarder. Featured in some of the industry’s popular publications, Zach helped to build the brands that sponsored him. After years of performing Backside 180s, Zach kick flipped his career path and chose to build a career in marketing with Simply180. Now into his second year with the Boca Raton agency, Zach shares some brief but insightful information on his creative pursuits both in and out of the office.

Length of time with company: I was hired at the end of November 2018. I’ve been with the company for a little more than one year.

Previous Title: I joined the agency as a marketing intern while still attending classes at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL. After I graduated, I was offered and accepted a full-time position as an Account Manager.

Favorite Part of the Job: My favorite aspect of the job is client relations. I really enjoy working with business owners and other marketers to help increase their exposure and revenue opportunities. I also enjoy interfacing with internal design and development teams to deliver the best possible marketing solutions.

Key Contributions: I was given the opportunity to quarterback a handful of website projects from start to finish. I was responsible for keeping the project on track and within budget. This includes concept presentations to clients, facilitating client feedback to our internal teams, holding our clients and us accountable for project deliverables. I also co-authored blogs and social media posts for several clients.

Interesting Background Information: I have skateboarded my entire life. I actually used to be sponsored by different brands and have been featured in a couple of industry videos and magazines (e.g. Thrasher and Transworld). I am also a freelance graffiti/street artist. You can find my work all over South Florida including Wynwood. Proudly, I was recently invited to paint at Art Basel 2019 in Miami. My work has also been featured at a number of art shows and exhibits in New Mexico, Colorado, and the Javits Center in New York City. I am also the in-house artist for Proper Ice Cream with two locations in Delray Beach, FL.

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