Fresh Ideas

Fresh Ideas

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Fresh Ideas

Introducing Simply180. Hadn’t heard of us before? Well, now that we’re acquainted, we’re glad you’re here. “Fresh Ideas” is our self-promotion campaign designed to intrigue marketing pros and demonstrate our capabilities. So, a quick high-five to us since we’ve got your undivided attention. Now, a little bit about the campaign. We have handpicked a list of marketing leaders and targeted them with a series of video ads on LinkedIn. We are also sending various ‘fresh’ items through snail mail: a custom air freshener, aromatic coffee beans, even a freshly baked loaf of bread from your local bakery. All of the links in the ads and QR codes in the direct mail pieces lead to our freshly redesigned website that tells the rest of our story.

Does it work? Let’s take a look together. We’ve made our self-promo campaign The Most Transparent Advertising Campaign Ever (Echo Echo Echo). So, make yourself comfortable, download the latest Agency Analytics Report, and sign up for the monthly update to see how the campaign performs over time. Transparency – now, that’s a fresh idea.

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Client:Simply 180 (hey, that’s us!)

Industry: Marketing & Advertising

Services: Go-to-Market Strategy, Web Design, Creative Campaign Concept, Social Media Management, Digital Remarketing, Performance Marketing, Graphic Design, and Video Production 

Media: Website, Direct Mail, Email, Google Ad Words, Google Remarketing, Digital Display, Paid Social, and Organic Social

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Project Details

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    Simply180 Self Promo