Launching self-care brand into space crowded by behemoths

Created by two beauty industry experts, this hot CPG startup is on a mission to bring beauty, energy, and wellness through clean, plant-based body care solutions. The entrepreneurial team partnered with the agency to build and launch their new brand and product line.


Cosmetics is a $62.46B industry in the U.S. alone. Skincare products make up the largest part (37 percent) of this market. So, how do you introduce a completely new product line into the space dominated by multinational corporations like L'Oréal, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, and Estee Lauder? Even trickier question is: How do you enter the market with a budget that is a drop in the bucket from your competitors point of view?"


We created an attractive visual identity and packaging system and used the equalizing effect of the Web and social media to plug our story into the global conversation on beauty, wellness, and self-care. Inspired by the products’ plant-based ingredients from Brazil (Açai, Cupucaçu, Guaraná, etc.), we based our messages on the universally admired vitality of Brazilian people and the ecological prominence of the Amazon. In Brazil, the word “bem” means “well, good, nice.” The motto “love your body – tend your planet” became the conceptual core for the launch video, website, and social media campaign we developed


With zero media dollars spent, our “Coming Soon” video scored thousands of views on Facebook. Hundreds followed the brand on Instagram. We will count on these early brand supporters to start expanding our reach. We are very excited about the approaching product line launch and, literally, can’t wait to see the first sale results.

Bem! Beauty launch video

Bem! Beauty website

Bem! Beauty social media posts

Bem! Beauty promotional email


Finding a full service marketing agency that delivers innovative ideas that stand out from the clutter at a reasonable cost is cause for celebration. Simply180 helped with the creation of Bem! Beauty’s new brand from the logo to brand design to the launch of our website and we are so pleased with their work.- Jill Dunk,
- Jill Dunk,Co-Founder, Next in Beauty
As a start up, one of the things I like most about working with Simply180 is their thoughtful approach to creating impactful, hardworking assets. The brand video they created looks like it cost 3 times as much as it actually did and it’s AWESOME.- Mara Stern,
- Mara Stern, Co-Founder, Bem! Beauty