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Homebuilder Marketing Strategy

This is a classic David vs. Goliath story. Our client was one among four homebuilders who were selected by a real estate developer to launch a master-planned community in North Florida.


Three of the competitors were national homebuilders with huge marketing budgets. Our client was the only local company. How does David stand up to not one but three Goliaths?


  • MasterCraft Builder Group
  • Lennar
  • David Weekly
  • Richmond Homes


Our research revealed that the buyers placed a high value on craftsmanship. We developed a campaign that compared tract homebuilders with the semi-custom, local craftsman. Our “Higher Standards” campaign carried a simple promise: “What other builders call upgrades, we call standards.”

Using targeted Facebook Advertising, Google AdWords, social media posts, email marketing, local realtor outreach, outdoor signage and local lifestyle magazine ads and articles, we encouraged the buyers to get more without paying more.


The Higher Standards campaign helped our client achieve some early wins but more importantly, established a solid foundation for brand extensions and growth. Higher Standards put our client on equal footing if not ahead of the larger national homebuilders in terms of brand presentation and reputation metrics.

Client: Mastercraft Builder Group

Media: Website, Business Collateral

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