Farm Chic Brand

Farm Chic Brand

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Hatching a Brand

Newer generations don’t quite buy into the traditional wine culture. They leave it to the Boomers to swirl, sniff, and sip with their pinkies up. A startup venture spotted this trend and offered an alternative – a line of fruit wines reviving a classic piece of Americana. They reasoned from the insights that young women with some degree of attachment to their country roots (i.e., Swifties and the like) would appreciate it.

The startup asked us to create a brand-new brand and figure out how to launch it. We brainstormed a catchy name and drew a punny logo. Then, we designed fruit-forward labels and wrote some peachy copy. We put our ideal customer, the Farm Chic Chick, on a pedestal and wrapped the brand around her. We even wrote her a song.

The ultimate test came during our launch event at a country concert, where people embraced the swag in between swigs. They loved it all. Next step: helping the sales team tell the Farm Chic story to more distributors and retailers.

Client: Farm Chic by Salty Mitten

Industry: Wine & Spirits

Services:Brand Positioning, Naming, Logo Design, Package Design, Marketing Strategy, On-Premise and Off-Premise Marketing, Creative Campaign Concept, Illustration & Animation Production, Event Planning and Execution

Media:Point of Sale, Merchandising, Website, Paid Social, Organic Social

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