Real (Estate) Tips

Real (Estate) Tips

Project Description

Real (Estate) Tips

This case shows that social media advertising can work surprisingly well… if done well. Jon Effron & Company, a residential real estate brokerage in Atlanta, asked us to promote their brand. In close collaboration with the client, we produced a series of simple selfie-style videos in which Jon, the team leader, shared tips for home sellers and buyers. We ran the videos on Facebook and Instagram using paid advertising. 

Besides remarkable reach and engagement numbers in the social media channels, we saw a significant increase in traffic to the team’s website and social media pages. Remarkably, the lion’s share of this traffic came from organic search: 3x more people were typing directly in their browsers compared to the pre-campaign levels. People were not just clicking around – they were actively researching the brand. Those engagement levels notably dropped when we stopped the campaign. Cause-and-effect? It sure looks like that.

This case teaches two important lessons: (1) engagement effects can travel through channel walls almost like radio waves, and (2) the old maxim “out of sight – out of mind” is quite valid in today’s oversaturated infosphere. Marketers should keep adding fuel to sustain the high engagement levels.

Client: Jon Effron & Company / Compass

Industry: Residential Real Estate Brokerage

Services: Video Production, Content Development, Social Media Advertising 

Media: Paid Social

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  • Client:

    Jon Effron & Company / Compass