Google PPC Campaign Results Leave Incumbents in the Dust

A&S Total Cleaning is a commercial cleaning company that services building owners, property managers and construction companies from Vero Beach to the Florida Keys. The company generates business through advertising, telemarketing, referrals, and business networking. For the past few years, the company tried one PPC agency after another to generate new leads for their janitorial, porter and post-construction divisions. Each agency failed to generate an acceptable volume of qualified leads and at a profitable cost-per-conversion.


If you do a simple Google search for office, janitorial or post-construction cleaning services, you will see many local and national companies spending on pay-per-click ads. Keyword bidding and management is highly competitive, especially in an industry with dog-eat-dog profit margins. While Total Cleaning is one of the most reputable commercial cleaning companies in South Florida, it competes with both large and small companies who claim to offer similar services. Total Cleaning turned to Simply180 to not just generate qualified leads, but to define and differentiate the brand in a fragmented market.


  • Used specialized PPC tools to identify gaps in competitor bidding strategies.
  • Reorganized the ad groups according to the client’s business goals
  • Designed and developed conversion-focused landing pages.
  • Integrated lead forms with Salesforce.
  • Included customer pain points in new search text ad copy.
  • Integrated a call tracking system revealing the keywords that drives calls.
  • Closed the loop to deliver true campaign attribution.


Within 60-days of launching the new PPC campaign, we accomplished a 12x increase in qualified lead volume compared to past PPC agencies. Other results and notable achievements include:

  • Campaign results outperformed client’s telemarketing company. Client reallocated that budget to our PPC and digital advertising campaign.
  • Client expanded our scope of work to include social media, programmatic display, and location-based advertising.

Increased revenue
in six month


cost per lead

Digital Ad Campaign

Landing Page

Social Media Ad


I was very hesitant in hiring yet another PPC agency to help us as we have gone through six thus far. It took a little time, but Simply180 figured out how to make our lead generation campaign work right. They are focused, work from my budget, and stay within those parameters. They really take the necessary time to manage our campaigns, collaborate with us as if part of our management team, and the results are there to prove it. We’re experiencing our biggest and most profitable growth period thanks to Simply180.- Todd Wolf, President
- Todd Wolf, President A&S Total Cleaning