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Coastal Construction

Cross-Pollination of Ideas Accelerates Business Growth

We were asked to refresh their website, but we ended up reshaping their business. When analyzing the site map, we realized that we would not seriously improve the user experience without changing the way we group, present, and sell their products. Our competitive analysis showed similar problems across the whole industry.


Pre-engineered steel building kits offer a broad spectrum of applications from agriculture and aviation to sports and storage. With various sizes, technologies, and types of buyers, it is hard to organize the entire matrix of products in a meaningful way. With no better practices within the industry, we had to convince the company to become a trailblazer.


Inspired by a different group of products with similar complexity (the cars), we shifted Coastal’s communication strategy from the nuts and bolts to product brands. For example, instead of “80×200 ft I-beam structure,” we would talk about “The Champion” as the riding arena structure esteemed by the world-class equestrians.


Renaming and repackaging products may seem like a superficial exercise. In Coastal’s case, it was a significant shift in the company’s business model. We cannot easily attribute a portion of its success to a specific change. However, the before-and-after comparison shows that Coastal has turned into a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Client: Coastal Steel Structures

Media: Website, Direct Mail / Handout Card

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