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Deerfield Trailer

Boating Company Sees 127% Revenue Lift From PPC

Many small business owners believe it’s pretty easy to set up a Google Ads account and launch a campaign. Usually it takes spending money and not getting a return-on-ad-spend to realize that pay-per-click advertising requires a unique and proven skill set. Small business owners like the father and son at Deerfield Trailer learned that not every “PPC Specialist” is as special as they were led to believe. After enough disappointments, they invested in Simply180.


With an analysis of our client’s current setup, we saw several reasons why our client’s Google Ad campaign was ineffective. We conducted research on the most popular search terms and keywords our client’s competitors were bidding on. Our client was bidding on the wrong keywords. The campaign was also not optimized properly because it lacked key tracking attributes necessary to see what keyword and bid strategies were working. The search text ads were also not written to attract and convert clicks.


We started with a redesign our client’s website following a comprehensive analysis that revealed more than 55% of website traffic came from mobile devices. A more mobile friendly site helps to increase a PPC campaign’s quality score. We then developed a new list of relevant keywords, created a new ad structure, and wrote new ads that focused on product and service advantages. We set up Google Analytics and implemented new call tracking software to capture vital information like what keywords drove the highest quality leads. We built expansive negative keyword lists to significantly reduce wasteful spending.


To say our client is happy with the results of our efforts is an understatement. The PPC campaign increase revenue client’s annual revenue by 127.77% within the first 12 months. We’ve been able to increase revenue growth to 174.80% in the second year of the campaign. And, we’ve been able to significantly increase sales without a significant increase in media spend. Return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) remains at a highly profitable ratio.

Client: Deerfield Trailer

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