Engineering a New B2B Branding & Marketing Campaign

We live in a world where consumers get whatever they wish, whenever they want it. Our client developed the first on-demand platform that delivers permit-ready, certified engineering plans to installers of building components. This new technology eliminates the need to chase elusive local engineers and delivers certified plans at unprecedented speed. Talk about savings!


Even the most amazing technology is worthless if people don’t use it. And how could they use it if they don’t know it exists? After attempting to promote the technology using in-house resources, and other marketing agencies, Simply180 was retained to help define the brand promise and motivate the target audiences to test it. We needed a way to visualize and communicate how our client is setting the new gold standard in their industry.


We developed a marketing strategy and campaign that told the story of the new platform and explained its value proposition. To no surprise, our research confirmed that the target market had an appetite for faster, accurate, and convenient solutions. But, detailed explanation of the technology can be cold and not relatable. We needed to humanize it. We aligned the technology’s power, speed and agility to that of superior athletes. Each athlete represented a specific platform feature and benefit. We produced:

  • A set of website homepage sliders
  • Drip email campaign series
  • Digital banner ads
  • Print ad series
  • In office signage
  • An infographic


The campaign was extremely well received by the target audience. Our client received unsolicited calls, texts and emails from their customers following the campaign launch. Beyond traditional marketing, the assets we created are being used in conference keynote presentations, webinars, and sales pitches. Most importantly, our client was proud of the work and how the campaign matched the goals they set for themselves when they set out to disrupt their industry.

Poster / Website Slider / Email Header / Business Card Back

Infographic – Website Process Page / Sales Flyer


We are starting to get accolades and we’re super excited!!! Here’s one I received recently … ‘I happened to see an email about upcoming changes and thought I'd take a peek ... WOW! The new site says 'We got this, like no one else on the planet'!- Frank Bennardo
- Frank BennardoPresident & Founder