The success and growth of Phoenix Fight Gear is a story about an entrepreneur with a passion for competitive fight sports. Our client was disappointed by the lack of durability in today’s fight gear. He decided to step into the manufacturing ring and produce high-performance gear and apparel for athletes at all levels and genders.


This startup company hired Simply180 to develop a visual identity and website for a brand that wants to be highly regarded within the mixed martial arts community.


We developed a brand identity system that captures the ideas of passion, strength, and balance, while focusing on the brand’s name recognition.


The assertive look of the e-commerce website and branded merchandise, allows our client to challenge industry leaders.


Thanks as always for your partnership, strategic thinking and helping us move the needle. It’s always nice to see the Sales team align with our vision and praise us in front of Management. You created those results, and I couldn’t be more grateful. We appreciate all you do and look forward to working with you and the team on next steps.— Y. Sadok,
— Y. Sadok,Marketing Manager, Reserveage™ Nutrition
The entire team turned out to be talented, knowledgeable, intelligent, warm and friendly, which was great, because I needed to find a group that could become an extension of our team, an extended family.— R. Feinstein,
— R. Feinstein,Founder, EASE Recovery Group
Launching an entirely new division is risky. Simply180 helped us develop a go-to-market strategy for a new business targeting hospitals and physician practices. We are impressed that Simply180 was able to handle everything from campaign conception to execution.— Robert Gallup,
— Robert Gallup,Executive Director, NBR